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Menstrual Cup - Naturcup

Menstrual Cup - Naturcup

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It is an alternative to tampons and is as easy to use as a tampon. Even people who have never used a tampon are successful in placing and using it.

Naturcup - menstrual cup is hygienic, comfortable, and economical, totally free of toxic and organic substances: it can last ten years or more. 

We chose this cup because it is manufactured in Spain, because it is the cup with the most references and with the most success in the neighboring country and because it has a size (0) that can be used by teenagers (<18 years old) from the first menstruation. In addition, it offers a 6-month fitting guarantee. More details below.

The Naturcup cup comes with a cotton bag to store it and comes in a cardboard box.

The menstrual cup is compatible with the IUD, but consult your doctor first before using the menstrual cup.

Made in Spain.

  • It's much healthier for you and the planet, avoiding the waste of up to 400 tampons a year.
  • It is made with medical silicone, soft and 100% hypoallergenic.
  • More economical.
  • It collects the menstrual flow instead of absorbing it, without causing any type of loss and respecting your vaginal environment, maintaining the ph.
  • As it is in vacuum, it eliminates the possibility of proliferation of bacteria and fungi.
  • Can be used up to 12 hours straight and overnight.
  • Comfortable. Ideal for practicing sports or physical activities (and for others).
  • As it is made from firmer silicone, the chances of successful opening are greater than softer silicone cups.


Size guide:

0 - For girls under 18 years of age, who do not have sexual intercourse frequently and with light menstrual periods (we recommend using a water-based lubricant to facilitate introduction) .

1 - For women over 18 and under 30 who have not had a vaginal birth.

2 - For women who have had a vaginal birth (regardless of age) and women over 30 (whether or not they have had children).

New handle
To facilitate its extraction, Naturcup incorporates a "ball" at the end of the handle that also has some rings to prevent slipping. It is solid so it does not break with use and does not accumulate dirt. If necessary, you can cut it. This ball-shaped handle is unique, small, comfortable and helps to remove the cup, causing no "scratches" when removed.

Holes under the top ring make it easy to remove, eliminating the suction effect when extracting the menstrual cup. These holes are larger for more effective cleaning, avoiding the use of sharp objects.

"At Naturcup we are very demanding with the quality of our silicone. We do not mix with additives to reduce silicone costs, so we can say that the silicone used in Naturcup is the purest on the market, 100% hypoallergenic, free of phthalathos and bisphenol A. An additive always reduces the purity of the silicone and it can also involve intolerance in some women (it is not the most frequent, but it is possible). or intolerance in our customers.We believe in the practicality and comfort of Naturcup, and we believe that when a product is good, all the "adornments" are unnecessary.

Instructions for use:

- Before using for the first time, wash it with mild soap and water and sterilize it by covering it completely in water and letting it boil for three minutes.
- Disinfection: immerse it completely in boiling water for three minutes, before menstruation and at the end of menstruation.
- Avoid abrasive products or disinfectants. Including tea tree oil!
- It is not necessary to use lubricant to put it on, but if you prefer, it should be water-based.
- Keep it clean in its cloth bag when you are using it.
- If you travel to places where you are not sure about the water quality, always wash it with clean water.

For more information, you can consult the brand page: 

Tricks and tips:

I also leave you the videos of Paloma, the creator of the brand I love Cyclo, who talks so well about the tricks to keep in mind when using a menstrual cup and how to fold the Naturcup menstrual cup for the introduction: 

Garantia Naturcup

Naturcup offers a 6-month fitting guarantee. If you have any questions, you should contact us, from which we will advise you for optimal use. If after using the cup 4 or 5 cycles following our advice, and it has not adapted completely then you can make use of the guarantee.

What does the warranty cover?
If after trying for 6 cycles you have not adapted.
If there are losses with a size 1 or 0 that correspond according to age and personal situation
In both cases, we ask the customer to contact us before the end of the warranty period, in order to try to solve possible problems.

What does the warranty not cover?

  • Damage caused to the glass by improper care
    For example: 
    - Let the glass boil for more than 5 minutes 
    - Leave the cup within reach of the animals 
    - Breakage, etc.
  • Loss or inconvenience due to the purchase of a different size than the corresponding one according to age and personal situation.
    For example: 
    • Buy size 0 if you are under 18 and have frequent sexual intercourse. 
    • Buy size 1 over 30 years old. 
    • Buy size 1 if you have children with vaginal delivery. 
    • Buy size 2 under 30 years old.
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Marília Porto

A simpatia, disponibilidade, eficiência e rapidez na entrega, assim como a qualidade do produto são todas competências a referir como incríveis. Enquanto cliente só posso dizer que fiquei fã e voltarei sem dúvida ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ana Filipa Rodrigues

Copo Menstrual Naturcup