About Flow


My journey started in 2013 when I decided to use healthier alternatives on my period full time. In my research I found the menstrual cup, but after the initial failure I left in search of other alternatives. In Portugal, there was still not much information and offer on alternatives to traditional disposable pads and tampons.

At a certain point I started to make my own reusable pads and showed them to friends.

But my thinking went further and since then my focus has been on showing women that using reusable alternatives for menstruation could be simpler, much healthier and more sustainable.

With the growing information, demystifying menstruation and the influence of more alternatives that began to appear on the international market, my idea of making menstrual underwear was more and more present in my head. 

The great inspiration for taking the final step were the women who over the years have shown an interest in trying this alternative.

With the dedication and commitment of everyone who crossed my path, FLOW launches in September 2020 the first Portuguese menstrual panties

Today, Flow is not just an Underwear brand. It is a brand focused on women's health and created with women's well-being in mind!

FLOW is a movement to fight for a better planet, for women's freedom and for understanding the menstrual cycle.

In the universe OH! YOUR FLOW you can find products for a more sustainable, ecological, chemical-free menstruation and products for the different hormonal needs throughout your life.

We are in favor of all of us knowing our body and how it works so that we can decide what is best for us.

We want to take information about menstrual education everywhere, so if you belong to a company or school association and would like us to organize a session, get in touch with us.

join the movement #ohyourflow