Menstrual disc usage instructions and FAQ

Menstrual disc usage instructions and FAQ

 How to put on and take off:

  1. To insert: Wash your hands and sit on the toilet.
  2. Pinch the edge in the middle of the menstrual disc to form an “8”, keeping the thread in front of the disc.
  3. Insert the disc into the vaginal canal, help the opening of the labia with the other hand (backwards direction).
  4. Keep pushing the disc towards the end of the canal until you feel it is positioned under the cervix.
  5. Push up on the front of the hoop, securing it behind the pubic bone. Part of the silicone thread will remain outside the entrance to the vagina.
  6. If you feel the disk, it's because it was incorrectly placed, remove it and start over.
  7. To remove: Wash your hands and sit on the toilet.
  8. Lightly and slowly pull the thread until the edge of the disc slides off the pubic bone and lines up with the entrance to the vagina, then press the disc lightly and pull with your fingers.
  9. Empty and reinsert if necessary.

Menstrual disc sterilization:

Just boil it in water for three minutes. Always before menstruation and at the end of menstruation.

USE: The thread can be shortened with scissors or, for those who prefer not to use thread, it can be cut completely.
Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
What is the difference between a menstrual disc and a menstrual cup? Which one is best for me?
  • Discs are inserted above the vaginal canal, cups are used in the vaginal canal itself, closer to the vulva.
  • Cups are not to be used during sex. With disco, sex is not a problem.
  • Most menstrual cups offer around 20ml capacity. Discs can hold up to 60 ml.
  • The cup requires suction to stay in place. Discs stay in place with no suction required.
  • Simple, you can expect a much better cycle, more comfort, increased capacity, no additives, and yes, no smell.
  • The manipulation may result in fingers getting dirtier with blood, since the cup is above the vaginal canal.
  • To begin with, the discs are sustainable (they last up to 10 years), they are made of medical grade silicone.
  • They don't drop fibers inside our body.
  • Additives in tampons can reduce the body's natural flora, decreasing the natural lubrication that protects the vagina's health and creating an unpleasant smell. 
  • There are savings over time (for the environment and for our family economy)
  • Yes, it can be an advantage to buy two disks of different sizes, as the Cervical position can vary greatly from period to period and from day to day, so the same person may need different sizes at different times. Choosing two sizes will help keep you secure with each cycle.
  • See images and description at top of this page.
  • The Lumma menstrual disc includes a silicone thread that simplifies the removal process. See description at top of this page.
  • The Lumma menstrual disc is valid for 3 years.
  • Yes 
  • Just boil it in water for three minutes. Your disk will be sterilized, clean and ready to use. You should always do this operation before and at the end of the menstrual cycle.
  • If you're using a disk, go ahead. As the discs are worn above the birth canal, fitted into the pubic bone, your partner won't even notice. Menstrual cups, on the other hand, are used inside the birth canal and should not be used during intercourse.
  • Yes, by the way, they are much more effective and last longer.
  • All internal menstrual products carry a small risk of IUD complications. Anyone with an IUD should consult their doctor before using a menstrual disc.
  • Yes, menstrual cups and discs are completely safe to use after childbirth. Consult your doctor at your first post-menstrual appointment about your intention to use the menstrual disc.
  • Yes.
How do I know if Lumma™ products are safe?
  • Lumma products are 100% safe to use as directed. All brand products are registered by the Brazilian Federal Health Regulatory Agency, as well as by the US Food and Drug Administration.