menstrual panties

What are menstrual panties, how do they work, how do you wash them?

Here we remove all doubts.

Menstrual panties are normal panties in which there is an integrated absorbent in the central area that will absorb menstrual blood. When you feel it's time to change, store them in a waterproof bag.

They are absorbent, waterproof, washable, safe and comfortable.

They are breathable and anti-bacterial, reducing the risk of infections and odors caused by disposable products. 

Flow menstrual panties can also be used in postpartum, urinary incontinence and spotting.

You can use them for 12 hours, all day or overnight. (depending on flow)

You'll feel safe and comfortable, as if you weren't carrying anything.

We offer 7 different sizes (from XXS to XXL) and two different absorptions:

abundant - 4/5 tampons and mild/moderate - 2/3 tampons.

 Its absorption capacity was measured using the Syngina Test by SGS.

As wash themselves?

  • After use, put used underpants in a waterproof bag if you are out and about.
  • Rinse with cold, soapy water to remove most of the blood. We recommend our washing soap ( Remember that you can use bath water for example.
  • Drain the water and place the underpants inside the washing machine together with other clothes, maximum 40º. If you don't have enough clothes to wash, it's important that you let your underpants dry and then put them in the laundry basket.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener (over time this will clog the fibers and make them less absorbent).
  • Place to dry preferably in the sun. Do not use a tumble dryer.

In exceptional situations:

  • After pre-washing, soak them in cold water for a few hours (you can leave them overnight for example). If you add oxygen-based stain removers, stains will come out more easily.
  • Any more persistent stain can try moistening and gently rubbing the spot with soap and placing it in the sun (be careful with dark colors that fade) or apply hydrogen peroxide or baking soda and let it act for a few minutes, without exposing it to the sun.
  • Machine wash with clothes of the same color.
  • dry in the sun