Sistema imunitário e o ciclo menstrual

Immune system and the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle and the immune systemitário estã< span is="" id="E109" class="qowt-font3-Arial" data-mce-fragment="1" qowt-eid="E109">o interconnected de vámany ways and fluctuationsçõhormonal es inherent às phases of cycle, may influence the immunological responseówomen's logic.

* In this article we will only focus on general female patterns , without particularizing the topic in cases of pathologies directly related to menstrual health or others that may imply changes in the immune system .

The menstrual cycle normally has a hard timeçã28 days, understood between follicular phase, ovulatória e lútea. Your regulação é made by a woman's sexual hormonesr (estrógeno e progesterone) - a each day of the monthês, the woman has a concentrationçãdifferent sex hormones. This factor strongly influences e energy females, triggering changeças no your< span is="" id="E179" class="qowt-font3-Arial" data-mce-fragment="1" qowt-eid="E179"> well-being general, changing your defaultsõstability files.

Over many years, the female body requires adaptations to menstrual cycles, at the same time that life passes between stress, sleepless nights, motherhood, sadness and joy ... many times we are struggling and our body responds as we need, other times They do not have the capacity due to tiredness , lack of energy and will. Our immune system is intrinsically linked to these needs, since when we exceed our capabilities, we demand too much of its response.

The relationship between menstrual cycles and the immune system is related in several ways :

  • Floatsções hhormonal: o menstrual cycle é characterized by floatçõhormonal es, especially of estrog< /span>énio and progesterone - estas hormonesplay an important role in regulação of the immunological responseó< span is="" id="E245" class="qowt-font3-Arial" data-mce-fragment="1" qowt-eid="E245">gica. For example, d< span is="" id="E247" class="qowt-font3-Arial" data-mce-fragment="1" qowt-eid="E247">during the pr phaseé-menstrual, os nívels of estrogénio decrease, which may download the immune responseógica; On the other hand,some studies suggest that women têm an immunological responseómore robust logic in some phases of the menstrual cycle.
  • Reply inflamatória: a menstruationçãwrap a descamaçãthe inner walls of the útero, a process that can trigger an inflammatory responseória in the body. The immune systemó< span is="" id="E287" class="qowt-font3-Arial" data-mce-fragment="1" qowt-eid="E287">gico can be activated for reply arepair and à scarçãthe of fabrics.
  • Susceptibility to infections: asome women may experience increased susceptibility to have infections during perímenstrual ode. Istyou can should às changeças < /span>dimmunological defensesónatural body magic.
  • Pain and inflamação: < /span>a associated pain à menstruateção, known as dysmenorrhea, may be linked to inflammatory processesórios. The immune systemó< span is="" id="E342" class="qowt-font3-Arial" data-mce-fragment="1" qowt-eid="E342">gic may play a role in pain perception and inflammatory responseóassociated aria.

We then check that thes menstrual cycles exert an influenceêsignificant importance in the system imunitá rio, this being intera ção uma espécie de dan ça among the floatsçõhormonal responses and the responses of the body's defense system. Although the nuances of these interactions are="" id="E367" class="qowt-font3-Arial" data-mce-fragment="1" qowt-eid="E367">ções vary from woman to woman, it is evident that menstrual cycles têm a significant role in the modulaçãthe answer of the immune systemá< span is="" id="E377" class="qowt-font3-Arial" data-mce-fragment="1" qowt-eid="E377">rio, highlighting the complexity of this connectionão. The understanding oft a relaçã continues to evolve à as thes search s avançam.

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It is also important that at this stage you nourish your body with foods that will strengthen your immune system.

Listen to your body and respect your limits! We continue together!


Margaret L. 

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