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Reusable Cloth Pad - Regular

Reusable Cloth Pad - Regular

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Reusable Cloth Pad Regular

The Reusable Menstrual Pads are pads made of fabric, with very absorbent materials that can be washed in the machine. Our reusable pads are an all-in-one pad, it has an absorbent part incorporated and the waterproof part covers the entire pad. 

By using textile surplus fabrics (deadstock) we are contributing even more to sustainability, as we use fabrics that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

They are a simple way to get started with reusable menstrual collection products.

The price indicated is per unit.


Moderate- For medium/moderate flows, to be used in the middle days of MENSE.

  • Top - fabric with organic cotton pattern (in contact with the skin) or OECOTEX100 certified cotton from textile surplus
  • Inner layer: bamboo and cotton
  • Bottom layer - waterproof cotton
  • Steel springs with 2 clamping positions
  • cotton sewing thread
  • Length - 20.3 cm (+/-)
  • Width between legs at the tightest spring - 6 cm (+/-)
  • It has a slightly asymmetrical shape - wider and more rounded on one side, which you can wear facing forward or backward (depending on which direction your flow takes) to get a better fit in your underwear.

Why they are better:
- They help to save money.
- They are more comfortable, breathable and more body-friendly, causing less irritation and infections.
- As they are more breathable, they avoid unpleasant odors caused by plastics and chemicals in disposables.
- Help reduce menstrual duration, abundance and symptoms (which are associated with plastics and chemicals used in disposables).
- They help to reduce the waste that goes to the trash.
- They are much more beautiful, cheerful and comfortable.

As they are handmade, slight imperfections may be noted, which do not compromise the effectiveness of the product.

Machine wash before first use.

Fabrics and clothing manufactured in Portugal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
O mais eficiente até ao momento

Vou ser honesta: gosto do conceito de pensos reutilizáveis em teoria, na prática todas as experiências de limpeza dos mesmos nunca foram fáceis e pareceu-me sempre pouco higiénico e de muito dispêndio de água para conseguir com que ficassem minimamente limpos. Desta vez, creio ter sido o a melhor experiência que consegui nesse sentido, embora ainda não seja perfeita. Utilizei também o vosso sabonete de limpeza par o efeito.

Inês Freilão

Penso Reutilizável Moderado


Confortável e eficaz.

Duarte Lázaro

Penso Reutilizável Moderado

São ótimos

Nada mais a acrescentar. São ótimos, são absorventes.