Menarca, a primeira menstruação

Menarche, the first menstruation

I remember well the first time I menstruated. I was 11 years old and the impact was huge.

Fortunately, nowadays taboos are minimized and access to information is
practically immediate. However, promoting advance clarifications and open conversations about menstruation can make all the difference in the life of a girl, who will soon have her first menstruation - clinical term: menarche.

Menarche usually appears in adolescence, between 10 and 15 years old, and may vary according to lifestyle, menstrual history of women in the family, eating habits, hormonal changes, among other factors. This event marks the transition from childhood to adulthood, having a direct relationship with female fertility, since it indicates that the body is biologically ready for pregnancy - this being a very delicate topic, it is essential that there is a lot of guidance at this stage.

The body signs that may indicate the approach of menarche, in addition to age, may be related to weight gain, rapid growth, breast and hip enlargement, menstrual cramps and, in some cases, mood swings.

The first cycle is unpredictable, and it is essential that parents or guardians talk and explain the necessary hygiene care during this period. It is also important to advise on how this change will influence your body and your development. Booking the first appointment with the gynecologist will help clarify doubts about the menstrual cycle and the emotional and physical changes the girl will go through. This gynecological monitoring, carried out from the beginning, will be an important basis for education and health throughout life.

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