A poluição deixada pelos produtos descartáveis de higiene menstrual

The pollution left by disposable menstrual hygiene products

AND essential and urgent that we speak again about the polluteshereor left by discarded productsonsee menstrual hygiene, like sanitary napkinsIt isnicos discardonves and tampHees. These products areão often composed of plonstico and other materials não biodegradonthat cause significant environmental impacts (see article previous in our blog here).
Sãthe many associated problems has polluteshereor caused by these discardsonyou see

We highlight a few:

  • Most of these products areão improperly discarded - flushed down the toilet or in sanitary landfillsonrivers - causing pollutesherethe one from onwater and soil, as they take years to decompose.
  • Plonstico of use unico: most sanitary napkinsIt isnicos discardonves and tampHeit isãor composed by plonstico and when these products areãor discarded, contribute to the growing amount of wasteintwo plonstics in the environment.
  • many discardonlevels of menstrual hygiene end up in courses of onwater and eventually into the ocean, causing pollutionherethe marine and affecting marine life and aquatic ecosystemsonticos.

To mitigate these problems there are more sustainable alternatives.onroad, lowonsee and reuseonyou can find availableinsee in our pageonbuilt with Flow:

  • menstrual panties
  • Menstrual Cup
  • menstrual disc
  • reusable dressingsonyou see

These products can be reused vontimes, reducing the amount of resingenerated duos.

AND essential to promote educationhereor menstrual and a consciousehncia about the environmental impacts of discarded productsonsee, in this way it will be possibleinit is possible for us to make informed choices and adopt pronmore sustainableonyou see

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A Flow It is a brand of hygiene products inIntima, an educational brand and we want to help transform the way we operate in the world!
Are you coming with us?menstrual trash

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