O impacto da utilização de produtos menstruais descartáveis

The impact of using disposable menstrual products

The impact of using disposable menstrual products on our planet  

From their production to their disposal, products such as menstrual pads and tampons, have a harmful effect on the environment, which most are unaware of.

With the "advances" in the production and use of tampon raw materials, over the years twice as much plastic has been used. Let's see: they are wrapped in plastic, wrapped in plastic applicators, with plastic strings to pull and many even include a thin layer of plastic on the absorbent part.  

Of the components that are involved in the production of sanitary napkins, trees and oil are the two main raw materials, so that the first is the origin of cellulose and the second is processed to give rise to different types of plastics. After being used, they end up in the trash and much of this ends up in the sea.

Creepy, isn't it?  

In order to present real data, we share an excerpt from the documentary produced in August 2022, by National Geographic, entitled: We are addicted to plastic. How can we improve?  

‘’Plastic invades the most intimate aspects of modern life. Most North American women menstruate for about 40 years, bleeding between 2 and 10 years total. all this inMenstrual flow has to end up somewhere and there ends up a tampon or a sanitary napkin - around ten thousand per woman.''  

These are US data only.  

If we add up all the uses of products of this kind, by every woman in the world, it's easy to understand what we're doing...  

Knowing that much of the plastic in the ocean originates from female waste used during menstruation, we understand why it is so important to change patterns, change mindsets and re-educate people to use alternative methods.

These are the accounts made of the garbage that for forty years ended up in landfills and the seas. This garbage takes 500 years to decompose. 

What about the money you spend? We made a small simulation here:

On average, each woman spends €3.5 per month on menstrual products.

In a year we spend €42 (12x3.5).

In 40 years we spend €1680.

Leaving disposable pads and tampons and starting to use reusable pads, menstrual cups/disks, or absorbent underwear can and will make all the difference!

If you choose reusable products you will save the Planet and your wallet.

If you choose 3 Flow Basic underwear, you spend €96. As they last between 8 to 10 years, you no longer need to buy more. If you continue to use disposable products, in 8 years you will spend €336. 

After this information, you can think better and make new choices. 

Flow is a brand of intimate hygiene products, an educational brand and we want to  help transform the way we operate in the world!  

Will you come with us?  


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