Sexualidade e menstruação

Sexuality and menstruation

And withuof female sexual during menstruationhereO It is a Tfromimportant peak and often yet surrounded by some myths and equiinyou. For the vast majority of women hon questHeis linked has hygiene and well-being, asãor like to have sexçõsexual relations at this stage of the cycle for varied and personal reasons - in many cases, women feel a greater need for withdrawal and isolation at this stage. For others atand is a phase of greater libido, but not always in agreementânce with the partners’ desires.

The truth It is that não hon right or wrong, should or shouldn'tãshould. Respect our feelings and our will It is a uThe only thing that should prevail, in balanceinpride and honesty with the partner.


Have a relationshipçõare sexual duringinodo menstrual It is safe*, since withyou(as) you(as) partneryou(as) be comfortableonsee with this.

*Use protectionhereo (condom) It is important to prevent transmissionãthat of sexually transmitted infectionsinveis (ISTs), mainly during a periodhereO (the lap of utero becomes more open to facilitate freehereO of blood, that favors the bact entryIt isrivers and fungi in the regionãthe one on the lap, at greater risk of contracting pollutesherethe fur vinrus HIV e HPV, alIt ism to occurehof other diseasesWhatas gonorrhea, hepatitis B and C).

Some women may feel an increase libido during menstruationhereO hairs ninestrogen levelsIt isnot higher, while others nãO, he canyes prefer to avoid have a relationshipçõit's sexual during the perinmortar menstrual.

Although it is unlikelyonIs it possible to get pregnant during the period?inodo menstrual, nãO It is impossinwell Se nãor intend to become pregnant, It is important to use a mIt isall confi contraceptiveonwell (the andsperm can survive atIt is 5 days in uland It is, depending on each woman's cycles, he can to happen to ovulateherevery close to menstruationhereO; hon women what tehm bleeding during perinovule odohereo, which can be confused with menstruationhereO).

For many women, menstruationhereo may cause discomfort, such as cfromlicks, swellsWhato and tenderness in the breasts, have a relationshipçõit's sexual can help alleviate some dthese symptoms. AND important to communicate with the(a) partner(a) to guarantee the monmaximum comfort during the relationshiphereor sexual.

A masturbateshereor alsoIt ism It is perfectly normal at this stage and, depending on the relationshipherethe people with menstrual blood, hon always upções for the contact or nãor with the same (see suggestionHeis below).


Maintain good hygiene inheart It is essential.

If the objective is prevent blood leaks during sex (without penetrationhereo), there are feminine hygiene products that can help, as underwear menstrual or menstrual cups (ideal for masturbationhereor without contact with blood).

In case you want to penetratehereo but without contact with menstruationhereo, there is the optionherethe of menstrual disc (ideal for masturbationhereor without contact with blood) - informaherethe important: or menstrual disc NÃO It is one mIt isall contraceptive!

If none of the participants have any questãwith menstrual blood, only good hygiene before and after is advised, as well as protectionherethe contraceptive.

P.S. O condom use It is fundamental, regardless of the use of menstrual devices!

Some women may experience a decreasehereor in lubricationherethe vaginal during menstruationherethe due hass floatsçõare hormonal. In this case, the use of lubricants has basis of onwater can be uuseful to return the relationshiphereor sexual but comfortonwell

A onuof sexual It is an important part of women's overall well-being and It is essential that we feel has volta para tomar decidedHeare suitable for nfroms. If there isin dulives or worriesçõis specinyou stay on the yours onufrom sexual during menstruationhereo, seem a healthcare professionalufrom to getin easternhereor personalized.

The menstrual cycle It is a phase of transformationhereO. Sometimes looks that we enter nan emo roller coasterções, but, above all, It is a time to connect with our inintimate and renew as our energies. Respect, lovefromprio, diversão and a lot of pleasure! Even when we are menstruating and everything seems like a problemIt isWow, it's são premises that must prevail!

We're still together!

Margaret L.


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