Regresso às aulas - e quando surge a menarca?

Back to school - and when menarche appears?


We're almost on the way back hasto the classes of our daughters, nieces, godchildrena new school year ison coming and, with it, the probability that our girls, now older, will have menarche (first menstruationherethe - see blog article).

Something longed for by many, who want to feel grown up and developed; for others something to fear, for fear of what might happen; for so many others, something they didn't know existed.

Menarche usually appears in adolescence.ehage, between 10 and 15 years old, which may vary according to lifestyle, historyfromI'm talking about menstruationherethe women of the familyinleft, honfood habits, changeçõhormones, among other factors.

Premove clarifications and open conversations about menstruation in advancehereo, can make all the differenceWhata in the life of a girl, who will soon haveon your first menstruationhereO. talk to mIt isdico assistant can be a solutionhereo, se nãthe feel has willingness to speak openly or if you have dulives on how to do it.

the return hasto classes It is a defining moment for all childrenWhatgirls and teenagers and menstruationhereor can be a concernherethe addition for nest girlsthe phase.

AND essential to promote a educaherethe comprehensive and accurate about menstruationhereo and its cycles, both at home and at school. Helping girls better understand menstrual cycle processes and how to manage menstruationhereor properly, doon all differWhata.

AND so very important that the girls are prepared for the menarche before they come back hasto classes. AND fundamental but a cdawn, teach to use and make available the menstrual products correctly, as well as encourage to have a menstrual hygiene bag already your school bag, as they foreseeherethe, with emergency menstrual productsehncia.

An important emotional support, beon crand trustWhata and securityWhata, for what as girls feel has want to talk about menstruationhereo and ask for help if they need support or guidancehereO, as Talk to a teacher, school nurse, or guidance counselor.

help the girls to understand and deal with menstruationhereor during the return hasto classes It is essential to ensure O your comfort, well-being and ability to concentrate on your studies. An inclusive and caring approach can make a difference.Whatthe significant in life of ours girls during this transition phasehereO.

For the control of menstrual cycles, Flow has foncil usesherethe, environmentally friendly, sustainonsee and reuseonyou see

From the first day of menstruationhereo, we think about the future of our planet and generationsçõis:

  • Classic model menstrual briefs (sizes XXS-XL): Flow Classic black, Flow Special Edition e Flow Classic Almond (for this model contact us via whatsApp) - equivalent to 5 tampons. 
  • Basic model menstrual panties (sizes XS-L):  Flow Basic - equivalent to 3 tampons.
  • Open Slim model menstrual briefs: Flow open slim
  • reusable dressingsonyou see
  • t cushionIt isrhyme (to relieve the pain naturally)frommenstrual cramps): t padIt isrmic
  • For the older ones, maybe the menstrual cup or disc
A Flow It is a brand of hygiene products inIntima, an educational brand and we want to help transform the way we operate in the world!
Are you coming with us?


Margaret L.

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