Mitos e tabus relacionados com a menstruação

Myths and taboos related to menstruation

Unfortunately, we still see many taboos and stigmas related to monthlyhereO, see meonmany cultures of the world.

In the words of the Old Testament the woman with theinall stay unclean for seven daysand makes anything it touches during this phase impure.Based on this premise, so many other errors were pointed out that last untilIt is today:

A monthlyherethe dress as something unclean:

  • in certain contexts, women may face discriminationhereo or excludeãthe social during the periodinodo menstrual;
  • In some cultures, menstruationhereO It is still considered impure or dirty and women may face restrictions.ções at social events, visits to religious sites or evenIt is even if they are deprived of attending academic activitiesIt ismicas; happens tooIt ism, being inhibited from touching certain objects and contacting other people during that periodinmortar.

Some absurd myths: não should you wash your hair when you are menstruating, noão should we make cakes and if we beat egg whites we will never seeãthe go wellthey were implemented by the ancients and still remain today in some mentalities.

The shame of being menstruated: what makes women continue to try to hide that they areãor as or forinodo - to ask in secret, in a whisper, for a pad or tamponãor for example or hide that you areãor buying hygiene products inheart.

A menstruating woman is said to have less capacity: advIt ism of the idea that the perinsmell and hormonesehm consequenceehncias no cIt iswomen's brain, as they harm their cognitive performance - contradicted in a study by the University of Zurich no The Guardian, who can see here.

Willehnerd and lack of dionlogo: a little all over the world, menstruationhereO It is a taboo topic and rarely It is discussed openly, which leads to a lack of educationherethe proper menstrual period, perpetuating misinformationhereor and stigmatizeshereO.

ListingsçõFood and activity options: Some taboos suggest that menstruating women should avoid certain foods, such as spicy foods or onacids, or avoid activitiesinsicas, how to enter the onwater or play sports.

Hon alsoIt ism other ancient, more positive but equally exaggerated myths, in which women's blood (even menstrual blood) It is considered sacred and powerful, endowing women with psychic abilitiesinenhanced chemicals strong enough to heal sick people.

we still watch has out ofehProvision of suitable menstrual collection products: In some communities, there are stillon lack of access to proper menstrual hygiene products, which leads to health problemsuof and embarrassments for women.

if there was balanceinpride, knowledge, educatehereand clarification, all these questions were demystifiedHeit will happeninWe love to have a more conscious and less castrating society.

AND It is important to break these taboos and promote open conversations about menstruation.hereOh, guaranteer access to appropriate hygiene products, educateherethe comprehensive menstrual cycle and eliminating stigmas associated with this natural process of our female body.

We are here to help!

A Flow It is a brand of hygiene products inIntima, an educational brand and we want to help transform the way we operate in the world!

Are you coming with us?

Margaret L.


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