Dignidade menstrual: mulheres - TPM - mercado de trabalho e sociedade

Menstrual dignity: women - PMS - labor market and society

Women United,Whatthe raised ones!

We have made achievementsons of conquests, to have our positionsções in the labor market and equal rightsonrivers. many frustrateçõIt's in the middle and so many others don't understandHeis and discriminatesçõyou're on the way.

More nãwe give up!

So much is appealed has birth rate, the less companies are willing to hire women with ideas of having children. Whether you want productivity or notão se don tolerância hasto women who suffer from questHeare more severe related to menstruationhereO. We'll get somewhere one day, perhaps when wants and needs balance.

We also saw a great intolerância he's ignorantância by of society and no job market, in relationhereO has Tensão PrIt is-Menstrual (TPM)* and associated symptoms, such as pain andçõyou're in the mood. Unfortunately, these symptoms areão often minimized or undervalued, which leads to a lack of empathy and adequate supports.

A lacuna already educahereor, awareehyou understand and understandão about TPM contributes to this misunderstandingãO me rshehereor to these symptoms and not many peopleãwhere isãor aware of severity and suffering that some women face during this period.inmortar - every month, for vonrivers years.

From school to the job market, the challenges areãthe big and the tolerableâdiminutive ness.

companies need to win awareehncia about dthe TPM* It is of its impacts on women, sfrom so you can get has empathy and understandingão by colleagues and employers (fortunately, some j companieson Eastãthe changingWhata!).

many women still sentin a pressãthe one to hide you their PMS symptoms in the work environment, for fear of being stigmatized, considered emotionally instinctiveonyou see or atIt is even professionally harmed.

AND important for companies to adoptinlicense ticsWhatto take into accountherethe symptoms of PMS and offersWhatam flexibility hass its functionsonrias, which can pass for including opçõit's like days offWhatat or timeonmore adaptable work streamsonyou see during these perinskin

Employers play an important role in creatingherethat of a solid work environmentonriver. offer support hass your functiononwomen facing PMS symptoms, can improve well-being, productivity and satisfactionhereor at work.

* We talk abouthereO has Tensão PrIt is-Menstrual (TPM), but it applies to so many other questsHeit's feminine patolfromgic, related to the menstrual cycle.


Foster a culture of empathy, understandingãthe and educatehereor in the work environment It is fundamental - transversal to so many other questsHeIt's human resources.

In certain patterned mindsets, emotionsçõs of women sãO still stigmatized or seen as irrational, perpetuating devalues itherethe one of inst moodsonsee or changeçõemotional emotions associated with PMS.

Due has lack of understandingãsociety, some women may be hesitant to express their PMS symptoms or seek professional help to deal with them. In the long term, this can affect quality of life and emotional well-being.

AND It is important that women receive adequate support during PMS, which may include involvement from friends, family and partners. If you suffer from more severe and painful symptoms, It is fundamental to search for easternhereo mIt istip!

It would be amazinginIt would be possible if there were menstrual literacy - knowing its symptoms and impact on women's lives - since school hass companies! sfrom this way you can help fight ignorance and discriminationherethat of society.

If you follow this educational path from school, has As we continue to promote theonsoon open and educateherethe about menstrual cycles and everything that involves, we increase to expectWhatfor society to better understand the challenges faced by women during thisand forinodo and the necessary support is providedonriver to help deal with symptoms finphysical and emotional.

At Flow we speak in the feminine for all genders.It isblack! We seek to inform and support while taking care of our planet throughIt iss of our menstrual collection products sustainonsee, reuseonsee and washonyou see

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Are you coming with us?

Margaret L. 


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